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A GSA Schedule is a great way to multiply your ED/WOSB Success. The average woman owned business increases their federal sales by 5x by combining a GSA Schedule with the ED/WOSB Certification.

Granted GSA Schedule contracts have had their items and administrations pre-investigated by GSA Contract Specialists to guarantee that the value granted to the agreement which the client pays is reasonable and sensible.

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Insight 5: ED/WOSB + GSA Sales Industry Data

Totals / Average

WOSB Average Sales this Industry   GSA Schedule Sales for a firm with an WOSB in this Industry   Synergy (Generally adding an WOSB to a GSA Creates More Sales than from the GSA Schedule Alone)   Synergy Ratio
WOSB Industry Grouping Total WOSB Federal Sales Number of WOSB Firms Average WOSB Sales   GSA Schedule Only Sales WOSB Firms Number of WOSB Firms w/ GSA Schedule Average WOSB Sales Directly from the GSA Schedule System   Total Federal Sales WOSB GSA Contract Holders Number of WOSB Firms w/ GSA Schedule Average Total WOSB Federal Sales for firms with a GSA Schedule   GSA Schedule Sales Advantage
EDWOSB Totals / Average 10,235,720,046 4,266 2,399,372   1,654,601,729 945 1,750,901   6,411,396,359 945 6,784,546   2.8
WOSB Totals / Average 15,915,184,286 14,468 1,360,416   3,767,315,971 2,510 1,500,923   3,767,315,971 2,510 4,257,372   3.1

Reasons ED/WOSB GSA Schedule Holders Have an Advantage

GSA Provides Listings so Federal Buyers can Quickly Locate ED/WOSB Vendors

The GSA Schedule System provides holders with listings on GSA Advantage and GSA elibrary. Additionally only GSA Schedule holders are permitted for participate in source sought procurements that are part of the GSA ebuy system. When a federal buyer is looking to find a ED/WOSB firm for a business opportunity these are the most likely and FAR compliant sources they will use.

Proven Potential for Success

There are currently just over 63,000 WOSB firms which range across all industries. Many of these firms are small and lack much government or general business experience. Because there is not a “Potential for Success” requirement found in other certifications such as the 8(a) certification program the certification itself does not provide any verification of the firm’s capabilities.

The GSA for schedule holders provides this vetting for the federal contracting officer. This gives them the confidence to know that the ED/WOSB firm they are awarding to have the capability of performing the work.


A GSA Schedule makes the firm findable by federal contracting officers as well as demonstrates the firm’s potential for success. This leads to a massive advantage for a WOSB + GSA Schedule $1,810,000 vs $359,000 for non-GSA schedule WOSB firms.

GSA Application

Through the GSA Schedules Program, GSA application builds contracting opportunities for private companies, and helps purchasers in accomplishing or surpassing their financial objectives. Independent company Administration (SBA) strategy permits offices to remember for their acquisition base and objectives the dollar estimation of requests expected to be put against GSA application Schedule contracts, and to report genuine Schedule acquisitions as achievements against these objectives.

GSA Contract

By dealing with every GSA contract with a group of GSA officials, government purchasers invest less energy in the managerial and documentation necessities related to the acquisition cycle.

GSA Schedule Service Fee: $7,400.00