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Once you have obtained your EDWOSB or WOSB certification the next step is marketing your business to the federal government. This is where things become more challenging of most firms due to the overall size of the federal government.

It is our recommendation that you narrow your marketing efforts down to no more than three federal agencies. Most of our clients find that once they begin their target marketing they quickly shorten their focus down to just one agency. Due to this focus they get to know the key buyers for their industry, as well as the ins and outs of the agency. This focus allows them to be successful.

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There are so many variable between your firms capabilities and what federal agencies to target that generally it is best to setup a call with one of our seasoned analysts.

Tools we have helped our clients utilize in the past are building lists of the buyers that actually purchase your goods and services in the federal government so the best target agencies can be determined as well as who to call within those agencies.

We also monitor federal bid sites and alert our clients to key opportunities such as individual contracts, governmentwide acquisition contracts and IDIQ contracts. We build these federal bid proposals for our clients as a secondary engagement.

We have also achieved success for past clients by picking large prime contractors and becoming registered with these firms. Large firms need WOSB subcontractors to fulfil their social inclusiveness as part of any sizeable federal contract award. This can also open an additional source of revenue as well as a way to network within a federal agency.

The best way to get started is to schedule a call using the a call so we can allot