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WOSB + GSA Schedule Advantage

WOSB Certification Holders that are looking for additional federal sales growth can triple their federal sales approximately $1,000,000 by combining their GSA Schedule with a WOSB Certification. See data below:

Total Federal Revenue Number of Firms WOSB Average Revenue
WOSB Firms w/ GSA Schedule 3,194,600,000 3,236 987,000
WOSB Firms as a Whole 22,900,000,000 62,602 366,000

What is a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule is a GWAC or Governmentwide Acquisition Contract which has a five year duration with up to three additional five year extensions. The federal vendor must prove they have the financial stability in order to complete federal contracts and offer the federal government the lowest price they have offered their goods and services for a particular quantity. In return the federal supplier gains a method that greatly reduces red-tape and for most contract holders increases their sales volume.

Qualifications for a GSA Schedule Contract

ACCOUNTING SYSTEM - An adequate and auditable labor hour recording and invoicing system is required for all awarded accepting labor-hour or time-and materials task orders.

GOVERNMENT-WIDE COMMERCIAL PURCHASE CARD - All contractors are required to accept the Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card for purchases at or below the mirco-purchase threshold.

PATHWAY TO SUCCESS TRAINING - This must be completed and the applicant must provide a certificate of completion with offer.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION – A Copy of the firms last two (2) years Balance Sheet and Income Statement. CURRENT COMMERCIAL PRICE LIST/RATE SHEET.

PAST PERFORMANCE EVALUATION – 5-6 customers that will be willing to answer a reference call from the GSA on your behalf.

LENGTH OF TIME IN BUSINESS - Your firm should have at least 2 years of business experience in the industry in which you wish to participate in a GSA Schedule Contract. In some instances this will be waived for GSA Schedule IT70.

If your firm meets the following requirements obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract maybe a great way to boost your federal sales. We can generally qualify you for both WOSB and GSA in about a ten minute phone call.

GSA Schedule Service Fee: $6,600.00