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Our all-inclusive WOSB or EDWOSB Full Support Package is our most popular service. Business owners who select this package typically do so because they want subject matter experts to simplify their involvement generating and reviewing the application. These businesses believe that their time is best aligned for business growth rather than placing focus on applications.
In advance of a purchase decision we will perform a detailed assessment of the business and make sure that it is structured to receive this certification. The time required to prepare and assemble the WOSB and EDWOSB application varies by client, but most take a few weeks. The SBA is usually able to award the certification within 2-3 months (on ezWOSB client packages). For business planning purposes a good estimate is the award of your certification within 4 months.


  • Providing the client with a detailed document checklist as well as templates for any/all missing documents.
  • Explaining and resolving elements of the application with regard to affiliation, control and economic guidelines.
  • Performing a review of or completing the firms registration.
  • Reviewing financial documents and statements to identify and remedy any potential issues. Note: The SBA is very detailed in their assessment and of all financial documents and therefore this is a critical step.
  • Assembly of application and double-checking at all phases of the application to insure it meets all SBA guidelines.
  • Submitting the application on the GLS website.

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Benefits of becoming a Certified WOSB or EDWOSB firm:

WOSB Application Service Fee: $2,250.00
EDWOSB Application Service Fee: $2,850.00
Additional Certifications*: $1,000.00 each
*Excludes GSA Schedule