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Advantages of becoming a Certified Woman or Minority Business in your State

1. MBEs have reported that over 70% increase their revenue as a results of this certification.
2. Most states and municipalities have corporate match making events which aid MBEs in their marketing efforts.
3. Most large vendors give preference to MBE certification holders in their vendor registration process. This can lead to large sales opportunities.
4. Educational workshops, program for bonding, access to capital and professional growth training is available

Criteria for Becoming MBE Certified

The requirements for the state issued MBE is similar to that of the WOSB program however many states have slightly different requirements. Below is a general list of things to consider before applying.

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WBE/ MBE Certification
Ownership & Control 51% minimum ownership by woman or minority owner
Qualifying Personal Net Worth Limit of Owner Requirements for Net Worth ceiling of primary owner vary by state.
Small Business Size Standard Generally must be classified as a small business as designated by the SBA.
Type of Business Organization Any for-profit business that is independent
Preference Given On a per contract basis a varying degree of preference is given.
Who can apply Women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Islanders, and Subcontinent Asians that are also US Citizens.
On-site Inspection Most state certifications have an on-site inspection provision.
Number of Years in Business Varies by state from startup to one to two years for eligibility.
Franchise Eligibility Franchises are excluded from this program.

MBE Package Details

- We conduct an interview to layout the comprehensive strategy for the application. We also conduct an in depth interview to make sure your firm is eligible before we begin.
- We create a detailed document checklist of all the documents we will need in order to complete the application. This provides structure for the application.
- Based upon discussions about the documents we may provide the client with templates in order to put in place needed documents that are required as part of the application.
- Depending upon your state we will interview you for any narratives that must be provided as part of the application process.
- We prepare all documents from the supporting documents provided and create a completed application.
- We review the application for accuracy and then send it to the client for signature and mail in.
- We support the client with any question the certifying body may have until certification.

MBE Application

National minority business improvement association giving confirmation all through the U.S. where Minority Business Enterprises (MBE Application) are possessed and worked by minorities prepared to work together with MBE Help.

MBE Help

Minority bunch individuals are United States residents who are Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American with eligibility to get MBE Certification. Proprietorship by minority people implies the business is at any rate 51% possessed by such people or, on account of a freely claimed business, at any rate 51% of the stock is possessed by at least one such people for MBE Help example the administration and every day activities are constrained by those minority bunch individuals.

MBE Information

To exploit these projects, you should be on their radar by getting formally guaranteed as a Minority-Owned Business or Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). MBE Certification enables the administration and private firms to ensure you're genuine with all MBE Information: that you are who you state you are, and that your organization truly is qualified for the focal points they can offer.